A novel design of an intelligent sensor based stick for blind and deaf- “Eyes for Blind & Ears for Deaf”


Among all the disabilities, blindness & deafness are the most common disabilities across the world. An integral stick has successfully been developed which will help visually impaired and deaf people.
Stick will detect any kind of obstacle, including water, live electric wires, approaching vehicle/person. The feature that makes it more unique is its vibration mechanism, a Vibration sensor will be attached to the stick and the vibration will increase with decreasing distance of obstacle thereby enabling distance estimation to the blind/deaf person. A short circuit sensor detects presence of water in the pits & vibrations are produced in the stick. Secondly, detection of nearby high voltage devices like- transformers, electricity poles, etc. makes it better than traditional white cane stick as latter is not suitable for detecting potentially dangerous obstacles.
Properly marked location on map along with longitude and latitude of the person will be sent to the emergency contacts with the help of GPS and emergency call and message will also be sent to 4 saved contacts one by one. If first person doesn’t pick the call, the call will be forwarded to the next assigned number automatically.
Four Push Buttons are available on the stick:
Press Button 1:- GSM based call and message will be sent to the 4 assigned contacts.
Press Button 2:-GPS activation i.e. marked location on map along with latitude and longitude information will be sent.
Press Button 3:- Beep & buzzer will be activated to make people aware and can be activated by using itself if required.
Press Button 4:- Call can be received by the person holding the stick.


The purpose of designing this stick is:
- To provide advanced inbuilt multiple features to the Blind Stick.
- Multipurpose aid for blind & deaf.
- Emergency location information sent to contacts.
- Distance estimation i.e. with decreasing distance from obstacles the intensity of vibration increases.
- Upcoming obstacles like:- presence of high voltage devices can be easily detected with the help of sensors.

Success Criteria:

Goals:This stick will be a great help to:
- The blind/deaf.
- Partially paralyzed people.
- Old Age people with weak eye sight & decreased hearing capability.
- For use in hospitals.
- Already designed and developed the model.
Research accepted and will soon be published in "Australian Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences (UGC Approved Journal) .
research done under the name of LAMBTON COLLEGE, MISSISSAUGA