A3S: Aerial Smart Survey Solutions


A3S: Aerial Smart Survey Solutions can provide the right inspection services to get the job done right. A3S can offer a wide range of services to customers to create the best solution for their unique set of needs from a wide range of industries. High quality accurate data collection minus the high cost typically associated with aerial surveys.


There are many risks associated with sending a human worker up to inspect a 400 ft wind turbine tower or to a site inspection at solar system installation; however, this risk can be greatly reduce if companies use drones instead of humans to do the site surveys. A3S can help companies greatly reduce worker exposure to heights, which in turn decrease the risk factors associated with these jobs and with the help of high definition data collection system make smart and cost effective decisions.

Success Criteria:

The core goals are to provide reliable, experienced and efficient aerial surveys and become one the leaders in safest and reliable aerial services in Canada.