Alovia Accessories


Alovia Accessories will be a passionate fair trade and ethical fashion accessories company that shares in a desire to make a difference for dogs and cats world wide. Through each purchase, Alovia will help provide life­saving supplies and surgeries to dogs and cats across the world.

The Alovia Story:
It’s the simple idea of creating fashion accessories that engage people to help animals though the power of community. An accessory line was chosen from inspiration by a European travel trip back in 2010 after graduating from Lambton College. We struggled to find a purse that was lightweight, had secure pockets, was water resistant, and could hold something as large as a DSLR camera, or as small as a point and shoot, without feeling bulky. So we designed one. From the purse grew a desire to create a lightweight scarf and shawl fashion accessories.

The Creation:
With the love for travel intertwined with our love for animals we decided to create the perfect travel purse and extend the line to include a shawl and scarf with a matching scarf for dogs and cats. With the perfect combinations of colour, a bit of inspiration and a lot of hard work, we will have the first line of products.

Company Values:
All products will be sewn by local artisans.
All cotton and voile fabric will be organic to ensure no fast fashion methods are included in our products.
All other fabric, ink and accessories will be eco friendly and will be made with minimal environmental impact.
We will chose the perfect fabrics and partners to join our tribe, and make prototype's to ensure the best possible quality and design.

Together, we can move the world to achieve better lives for dogs and cats.


Through building a community we can make the biggest difference. By working with different charities we create projects of need that make a real difference in the lives of dogs and cats. Each new line of products will have a set donation to achieve the completion of a project making each line unique. So when an accessory is purchased a donation will go directly to complete these projects.

The first project:
The World Animal Protection (WAP) will be partnering with Alovia. We will partner with them and the Better Lives for Dogs Campaign. We will commit to providing dogs with rabies vaccinations, kennels for transportation of those dogs to be vaccinated and trained local veterinarians to continue the program. The exact number of donations is currently in the works with WAP to determine which location will benefit from this donation the most.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has." –­ Margaret Mead

Success Criteria:

The goal of Alovia will be to provide a donation of impact to WAP towards their Better Lives for Dogs campaign as the first project. Once this project is complete other projects will be looked into. It is the goal of Alovia to complete 4 projects in the first year of business.

Prototype completion: May 31, 2017
Marketing plan completion: June 30, 2017
Sales video completion: July 31, 2017
Fundraising completion: August 30, 2017
Product manufacturing completion: October 31, 2017
Company product launch: November 15, 2017

It is the goal of Alovia to launch before the upcoming holiday season.