Al’s & Ane’s


Imagine a world where bigotry against LGBTQ’s is destroyed in a generation or two, where bullying those people ceases, where judgement is caste aside, where negative opinions are replaced with positive ones.
Al's&Ane's is a logo with signatures aimed at the general public. The logo is unique in that it is aimed at the education of general masses of society. That makes it one of a kind.
The names were originally taken from the ends of homoseuALs and lesbiANs. It represents most of the LGBTQQIP2SAA acronym. As an example a transexual may identify as an Al or Ane or both (trANsexuAL). It is fluid and that is something which the youthful LGBTQ's are seeking.
The logo is full of meanings. The circle is global, "we the people" are represented. The cirlce also has the wedding ring symbolism for eternity. The learning curve connects all the groups and changes colour in the middle which states diversity of the groups. The learning curve represents education and the cursive also suggest education and ellegance. It is on a 45 degree anlge as the groups - are not straight. The logo possesses many more meanings.
I want to inform the masses, not to change anything about LGBTQ’s as my ideas are meant “to work in addition to and in harmony with all of them.


The benefit is that is may help to educate society and to teach them not to judge LGBTQ's.
If my concepts were implemented into schools, maybe added to early sexual education then there may be more open minds.
The concept is to teach people that we are all the same yet unique, that we have different preferences, that even identical twins are the same but also so different.
To fill kids minds full of positive information that if they hear "negative street talk" they can deflect it through greater knowlege.
The logo simplifies the LGBTQQIP2SAA into Al's&Ane's. It is friendly, soft and neighbourly.
A child of same sex partners would merely state, "My parents are Al's". (or Ane's).
The concept is to get people thinking. They did not learn negative or derogitory terms for LGBTQ's in schools. The plan is to get them to think about where they learned bigotry (have they been exposed to it) and unlearn it. To open up communication and to teach in all environments.

Success Criteria:

The government keeps statistics on bullying. If these concepts were implemented they could be monitored
Schools could also monitor the success or failure rate of the model
Principals and teachers could provide feedback
Students could provide feedback
The true measurement of success is; that if the logo helps one person feel good about themself then it is a success. If it helps on person come out into a friendlier society then it is a success. If it stops one person from thinking about suicide then it is a success.
My goal is one less bigot/bully in every neighbourhood, one less bigot/bully on every street and one less bigot/bully in every househld.