ASD Community – Autism Tool Kit


One in sixty eight children are currently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). There are no known cures for ASD, however, there are many strategies and tools which are used to help individuals with ASD thrive in their daily lives. Many of these strategies use dated tools which are also very cumbersome. The goal of the ASD Community - Autism Tool Kit is to take these strategies and tools and update them for the digital era. This will enable every individual with a cellphone, tablet or computer to easily access a large range of tools to help individuals with Autism. ASD Community - Autism Tool Kit would aim to produce 5 cross platform applications at launch including a Visual Timer, a First-Then Chart, a Decision Board, a Visual Schedule and an Incident Tracker. After launch ASD Community - Autism Tool Kit would add additional software apps per year including: a Social Stories Library, PECS Boards, Emotional Recognition Games, and Social Interaction Games.


The benefits of the ASD Community - Autism Tool Kit is that it empowers anyone with access to a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer with a large range of easy to use tools and strategies that have been proven to help individual’s with Autism thrive in their daily lives. This software toolkit would relieve support workers and patients of the cumbersome task of carrying around bags filled with binders, timers, and physical boards. No longer would you have to worry about losing the pieces of these tools rendering them useless. All these resources would be available to you right at your fingertips on the devices which we all carry with us on a daily basis. This would increase their availability and make them easier to integrate with users regular daily activities.

Success Criteria:

Success would be measured through voluntary surveys, user reviews at online apps stores, feedback from Autism focused organizations such as Autism Ontario, Bethesda and others. The goal would be to quantify how many users find that the tools are benefiting their daily lives and which tools are having the most positive impact. Additionally, we would collect information on which tools users would like to see added to the ASD Community – Autism Tool Kit. The truest measure of success for the ASD Community – Autism Tool Kit would be to see a large number of users downloading the apps and then using them on a regular basis.