Be informed


A summary of my idea is I would like to have a designated private room that is student run where other students can come and talk about any sexual health topic and they do not need to feel afraid. This room will also serve as a cool down room or a room to come and just talk to someone. The students that would run the room will be trained in sexual health, safe talk and acquire other necessary qualifications. This room will also be equipped with dildos, diaphragms, condoms, etc. as well as resources on stress, sex ed, hiv/aids, healthy relationships, resiliency, self care, self esteem, etc. Students will be able to share personal experiences to be able to comfort each other if they desire.


Many students are not comfortable talking to a counsellor and sometimes it is easier talking to a student about intimate details of your life or just wanting to find out about taboo subjects that are not talked about in their household. Sheridan college has many international students and from understanding their culture sexual health or mental health topics are not talked about and since a lot of them are in relationships I feel that it would be beneficial for them to come and talk about what a healthy and unhealthy relationship is, how to stay safe, consent, or even how to just put a condom on.

Success Criteria:

my goals are to have a room that would be open 8am-10pm to accommodate for students who are taking night or continuing education courses. Another goal would be for students use the room to gain more knowledge about sexual health and healthy relationship topics. If 10 students used it in a 2 week period that would make a much safer community even in that.
Milestones would be starting with about 3-4 hours at a time and gradually increasing the time as students become more aware. The timing for this idea to get it to the desired hours is 1 school year (8 months).