Brockville Community Garden Proposal


Brockville, Ontario community members have barriers to obtaining healthy foods such as: the lack of adequate access to healthy and affordable foods. As part of the social determinants of health, food security is the ability to have access to sufficient, safe and nutritious foods. Upstream thinking is demonstrated by implementing a community garden enabling community members to grow their own foods and, become part of a growing community project.


A community garden will assist with developing personal skills by focusing on literacy and awareness around the concept of healthy food choices and, community involvement will bridge the gap to food inequities within the Brockville community. Additionally, a community garden effort will create a supportive environment which will strengthen community participation and, aid community members by empowering them to developing personal skills that they can implement in other environments. A successful community garden in the city of Brockville may inspire other cities to bridge the gap to food inequities.

Success Criteria:

The Community Garden is reliant solely on volunteers and donations and would require a dedicated team to organize a location (with permission from the city), tools/supplies, costs, and a blueprint of the overall garden design. This dedicated team will be composed of 3rd year, RN students (with the input of RN professionals) who are passionate about community health promotion.
Short term goal: To raise awareness of food inequities in the Brockville community through social media and other avenues of communication.
Long term goal: Implementing a community garden in the city of Brockville by Summer of 2017/ 2018.
Volunteer groups will plan and develop the site in preparation for planting. An in depth plan of action will be completed before a garden is dug. It will incorporate rules and expectations of the gardening participants. Accessibility to the garden will be acknowledged as well as, continuous garden upkeep.