Build Your Event – Free online event planning


Event planners are way too expensive for the average business, but planning events is necessary for local businesses to promote their products/services and raise awareness in their city. In order to support local businesses, I am launching a free-to-use event-planning chatbot. The technology behind chatbots is rapidly improving and is already at the stage where chatbots can pull information from websites. Using Build Your Event, business owners can easily start a conversation, specify what exactly they are looking for in their event, and have the chatbot guide them through the process of selecting the best vendor for their purpose. Best of all, the free chatbot will only feature other local vendors, so that each event is a collaborative effort in supporting local.


By allowing more businesses to plan events, for free, with confidence, Build Your Event will help generate more local events, and help more local businesses be sustainable and successful. Right now, businesses are not able to afford event planners, so they are planning events independently, which is time consuming and not cost-effective. With Build Your Event, cities will see more local events, more money circulating in the local economy, more local partnerships between businesses, and more loyal customer acquisition generated from awareness.

Success Criteria:

The chatbot prototype is already up and running and only requires linking to the "backend" website. So, the next milestone would be creating the website with a directory of local event vendors, so that the chatbot can pull entries directly and seamlessly, suggesting the best vendors for the event. The overall timing, with funding and support from tech people/a website builder, would be around 4 months.