Canadore Caring Communities


Canadore Caring Communities is a volunteer based student leadership initiative that empowers students and promotes community engagement. This initiative will help students discover their full potential while they work on projects inspired by their own experiences to help better their communities with everyday choices.


Canadore Caring Communities will provide students with the financial means and develop resources to help them expand their leadership, public speaking, communication and team building skills. This initiative will also help students find social issues that they are passionate about and inspire and motivate them to develop an action plan outlining how they will become socially involved and motivate their peers to do the same.

Success Criteria:

Short Term Goal: Teach students leadership skills, team building skills and plan building techniques, and provide students with help to develop a detailed social action plan to initiate in the community. This initiative will also provide students with a lifelong habit of community service.

Long Term Goal: 30 carefully selected students will begin to initiate their volunteer action plans and will do so with confidence and the knowledge to establish an encouraging network of support and resources. With the diversity of our students, we will see many different action plans specific to each student and their experiences. Tying in the 40-hour requirement for high school graduates (10 hours per year), we are expecting each student to have an action plan they can spend 10 hours per school year devoting their time to. This will give students an opportunity to continue with the community service that was required in high school and help make community service a lifelong lifestyle. Canadore Caring Communities will have a long-lasting effect on each community that we reach, and will inspire youth to be committed to working for social change as they continue to be socially active.