Chance Coffee


Chance Coffee is a micro roaster with a focus on sourcing some of the most unique coffees from around the world and roasting them in such a way that highlights each coffee’s natural characteristics and flavours.

Chance Coffee is simply at its core a work of passion, inspired by those taking the path less travelled, the misfits fuelled by passion & caffeine.

The “third wave” coffee industry has a bad reputation for being snobby, and Chance Coffee will work towards abolishing this reputation. Introducing stellar coffees and making them approachable to everyone will help in knocking down these walls and making specialty coffees enjoyable for everyone as well as allowing the market to grow stronger.


Coffee culture as a whole acts as a cultural hub for the community in cities where it is present. In Windsor, the culture is growing but is missing one key component, a coffee roaster focused on quality that is involved within the community. We are going to create a strong sense of community by bringing the coffee culture to the area.

The food and drink scene here is up and coming due to the insurgence happening across the border in Detroit. This is forcing establishments to become more innovative and experimental. Cocktail bars, restaurants, specialty coffee shops, and coffee roasters now have the opportunity to be different as the city is more open to trying new and exciting things. With this sort of growth the surrounding communities will develop and culture in Windsor will grow stronger.

I think this is very important for a city like Windsor which has a bad reputation for being "boring" with nothing to do. Young people are itching to leave as soon as possible with the reasoning that Windsor is dull. With this sort of growth it will make Windsor a more desirable place to live and visit.

The rise of food and drink in Windsor is also great for the local economy. Many people will leave Windsor, crossing the border to Detroit in order to experience the culture that is present there. Having more of these spots locally will help keep money in Windsor allowing for the city to grow even further.

In holding events with other local businesses, and pushing the culture ever forward it is bound to grow.

Success Criteria:

Chance Coffee is in its primary stage, the goal for the first year is to build a market and core following. With growth in the first year I am hopeful it is necessary to upgrade my roaster to a larger capacity (3 - 5 kg). The starting roaster that will be used on roasts 1lb. batches, which is great for a lean startup, but increasing wholesale accounts and sales a larger roaster will be necessary.

In the first year with an increased roaster size it will be necessary to rent space. The plan currently is to sublease a portion of an already established business. I have already spoken with multiple local businesses that are open to the idea of having a coffee roaster in their space. Business owners are open to the idea of having multiple businesses working together to make the city more compelling.

Within years 1 - 3, the goal will be to not only grow a large consumer sales base but also gather a foundation of wholesale accounts. In getting coffees into a growing number of specialty coffee shops and other like-minded businesses it will grow brand recognition and allow Chance Coffee to grow naturally.

As a long-term goal, when the time is right, the objective will be to invest in commercial / retail space and introduce a full scale roasterie. This roasterie will act as a tasting room, full cafe and be a perfect space to hold coffee related events. I would love to open the roasterie on Drouillard road (Ford City) in Windsor, the neighbourhood has been struggling for some amount of time but is slowly growing. The neighbourhood has currently become a hub for local artisans including a reclaimed wood carpenter and a craft brewery.

Over this entire timeline one of my main goals with Chance Coffee will be to grow the coffee culture here in Windsor. I am working hard to make specialty coffee approachable to anyone regardless of who you are. In recent weeks I have already been talking with other local, like minded coffee businesses that have the same vision for Windsor. In planning events with these businesses we will reach a larger audience and show that the culture here is moving.