Crisis/Shelter/Food support open hrs 1 in every town


I think we should have at least one emergency Shelter/community center in every town. 24 hour open to persons or families in crisis. This would create many jobs. Starting in Wallaceburg, Dresden, Tillbury, Chatham-Kent areas. Start with healing the community with safe food and shelter and counciling then provide opportunity to get an education and training. more Shuttles taxis or buses to appointments. Community garden at the facility. Animal therapy. Perhaps partner with local farmers. A fish farm and chicken to provide meat and fresh produce. Walkin activities and games. resources rooms with books and computers. A Docter and community nurse. Councellors and career coaches. Outdoor park for young and old. Pic nic and BBQ areas. A safe friendly environment for the whole community.


My idea would benefit the entire community. Everyone would feel a sence of belonging. We need to come together in the smallest communies especially and accept every person. It is time to change the way people are treated. We need to treat everyone with respect, dignity, and equality. Every person needs a chance to feel like they belong and are loved. It starts with your community. Create the jobs build a future everyone can love.

Success Criteria:

We can create jobs at first with construction of building. and landscape. I live in Wallaceburg so I can organize the crew and hire workers. The construction and landscaping should take 4-6 months to complete. Business materials need to be ordered(desks chairs office supplies).Shelter beds and kitchen supplies. 1 month. Hiring Cleaning cooks staff Councellors nursesDocter ect. 1 month complete final project in 8 months ready to open to the Whole community. Goal is a successfully run Community Center/ 24 Hour shelter.