Dash MD


Dash MD is a mobile patient experience platform delivered to patients at the point of care, in the hospital. We provide patients with the tools and resources they need to help themselves manage their care and successfully transition back into their community after a hospital visit. We engage and educate patients by providing them with tools such as: digital aftercare instructions, medication management and symptom management tools, and task scheduling and reminders. We also empower patients by providing them with the ability to easily find and discover relevant community-based care (products and services) that patients need to successfully recover.

Dash MD is currently live in hospitals in Ontario, and is working with a number of health systems both in and out of the province towards helping patients across Canada. Our platform is completely free to patients and hospitals as well. We are passionate about improving the patient experience, improving patient-oriented outcomes, and reducing revisits and readmissions. We don't just want to act as the safety net that catches patients that fall through the cracks, but we want to propel them forwards towards recovery as well.


Zack, one of our co-founders, broke his leg a number of summers ago while he was playing competitive ultimate frisbee. He certainly isn't 6'6, but the gentleman he was jumping up against was. This resulted in a broken leg, a trip to the hospital, a little surgery, and a lot of morphine. For Zack, this is where the problems began. As his nurse was preparing him to be discharged from the hospital, she was providing him with a lot of information to take in while he was stressed, tired, and medicated. His paper based discharge summary simply told him not to get his cast wet. He didn't internalize information that was relevant to his recovery. In addition to this, he ended up needing follow-up care in his community. He required physiotherapy. This wasn't effectively communicated to him as he was being discharged, and where to receive that follow-up care was in and of itself a question mark for him.

The result of these complications compounded, and he ended up developing a complication with his leg he didn't even know he was suffering from, which progressed to the point that his leg was almost amputated. This was completely avoidable and unnecessary, and resulted in a poor experience for Zack and increased burdens on Ontario's health system.

From Zack's experience, and from the experiences of many patients we've spoken with, we know that a gap exists. Patients feel as though they are leaving the health system with insufficient resources to educate themselves and manage their care. We want to fill this gap and help as many patients as possible.

Success Criteria:

Dash MD is an idea that is always evolving. While we are currently live in Ontario's health system (we are currently live in 2 health systems and are working on a number of implementations), we are always evolving. We have a goal of implementing in 16 hospitals in the next year, and based on the conversations we are currently having, we believe we will be able to execute on this. This will give us an average patient population distribution channel of approximately 1.2 million patients on a yearly basis.

In addition to creating a distribution channel, our measurements for success include: improve patient experience and satisfaction scores, and the development of academic research demonstrating efficacy of Dash MD in impacting revisits/readmissions.