Digital Artwork- Audio Canvas


A digital piece of art that can be activated by smartphone with barcode that can activate a still artscape scene to become active visually and or to play music or nature sounds. for example a beach scene becomes activated so that the waves of the sea, the dolphins,whales, turtles and waterbirds become active and the audio sounds are part of the experience. Option for just visual, audio or both for relaxation. Can be useful in a large number of settings from waiting rooms, offices, hospitals, therapists office, nursing home etc. Anywhere there is a need for relaxation, calmness or just a general waiting area where a T.V. is not in use, or there is a benefit to set a calming atmosphere and or mood. (On the other hand, it could also have a lot of vibrant, vivid abstract art and play more ecclectic audio, depending on the selection/ digital barcode)


It would help to bring an overall sense of calm to an environment that might be a little tense, it lightens up the atmosphere and mood in general and brings happiness,joy and stimulates the brain through memory and visual stimulation

Success Criteria:

I would say at least 6-12 months from prototype to actual working models and APP-software development