Education to Job


This is an application which is finding available job opportunities in the market, related to each college or university’s program. The application helps students and graduates to find their own desire job as fast as possible.


1- Make a clear and real vision for people who are interested in the college education, also for college students and graduates about their programs and market demands.
2- Make a strong connection among students or graduates and real job opportunities in the marketplace.
3- Help students to invest their money and time wisely in the best college programs which are more close to their desire and has the highest demand in the current and future market.

Success Criteria:

Make a better connection and correlation between the Ontario college students and job opportunities in the market to make more interest between people and college education, also bring more convenience for educated people to find faster and easier their own desired jobs. The number of downloads of the application in a time period would tell us how much we were successful.

• Finding the gaps and transforming them into the opportunities. This phase is already done and is ready to start.
• Designing the application and website from first to end in details. The primary target market would be Ontario College’s students. It needs 1 months (around 200 working hours).
• Developing the application for ios and android and also develop a simple website as well. It needs 2 months (around 400 working hours).
• Launch the application at the appropriate time. We can launch the beta version of the application before summer semester of 2018 to help students to choose the right program and also debugging and being ready for the main version which would launch before Sep 2018 (around 150 working hours for supporting and debugging).
• The secondary target market would be the whole Canadian college’s and universities’ student communities.

Overall Timing:
For the first target market, we need 6 months to start the beta version of the application and 2 months to debugging the application and then start the main version of the app. The total would be 8 months from first to last.