Farm for Lightning Harvesting


A single lightning bolt have 5 billion joules of energy. During 2005 2.9 million flashes occurred in Canada itself.Here we are converting the electrical energy of lightning to fully heat energy. Just by joules heat law.Here we are using concept of impulse form of energy.Lightning can also be triggered artificially. We only need potential are for lightning.


Anything that conduct electricity can be melted by using the same principle.It can be used in mining industry, ship building industries and all other metal industries. Only the first initial cost to set up the farm design and it can be kept as alternate source along with earlier used method to melt these metals.It is fully sustainable form of energy and there is no pollution or any danger to our environment.

Success Criteria:

Improvement of current design
Labs to conduct impulse testing using various materials
Two or Three full months with all lab supports