FR8 Living Solutions


FR8 Living Solutions is the builder of net-zero modular housing with the goal of drastically cutting the cost to build and produce quality homes while increasing sustainability and quality of living in the built environment. FR8 utilizes 3 methodologies, Modular, Prefabricated, and Green, to eliminate almost all of the limitations and issues associated with current building practices and technologies. The first modular portion will be provided by using shipping containers as the main structural components; this is beneficial as containers are relatively inexpensive and easy to modify while maintaining high durability and integrity. They are also prefabricated, eliminating many on site issues and decreasing build time. The second modular portion is interior systems that are prefabricated and customizable in nature, making it easy to install and modify without producing waste or being labour intensive. The systems will also be recyclable, saving the planet the usual building waste. Further, FR8 will incorporate green building techniques including solar capture and storage technology and grey water recovery systems. FR8 homes will be off grid and sustainable in almost every aspect.


- Drastically cut building costs (initial estimates show a net savings upward of 60%)
- Drastically reduce build times and onsite Labour.
- Provide affordable off grid housing that protects and conserves natural materials, resources, and the Environment.
- Provide a higher quality of living with the newest Integrated Technologies.
- Reduce the cost of living by eliminating energy bills, maintenance costs, and lowering water bills.

Success Criteria:

FR8 aims to build our first showcase home by the end of 2017. This will be used as a marketing mock-up to demonstrate the feasibility and quality of FR8 homes, and will lead into the future developments FR8 has planned. The goal is to build our first condo development by the end of 2018. From there, lower income version will be developed and put on the market to provide high quality housing to those who truly need it most.