GamerLink is a mobile application that allows gamers to quickly find compatible players, for all the most popular games and platforms. Positioning to become the central location for everything gaming and esports related.


Gaming online is a social experience that connects gamers of all kinds. However the problem is most games use variations of an outdated matching algorithm, that matches players based on skill alone while ignoring the other factors. This results in conflicting personalities, opposing demographics and incompatible playstyles, which leads to frustration and a dramatically reduced gaming experience.

GamerLink provides a solution connecting gamers that best match each other's style. While at the same time providing the tools to stay connected with past, and newfound friends across the world.

Success Criteria:

We hit 50k on the platform on January 1st 2017. We are just about to surpassed 200k user on the platform next month. Our next big milestone is 500k users in October.