Are you a student,is this your first time in school? Alone? And don't know where is the classroom, when you already 10 mins late?
Are you a parent, trying so hard to find out the best environment for your children?
Are you a professor, who just joined out lovely college but don't know where is the office?

Use GBmaps on your computer, phone, or tablet to search, explore, and find your way around the campus!

GBmap is an interactive mobile friendly navigation+map application for George Brown College students to get around their campuses. GBmap gives a 3D-like in different floors to let our students quickly get familiar with the classrooms' detail and schedule, and also provide search function with navigation for the student to find shortest route for faculty, departments, or classrooms. It will be a web application that will work both for mobile browsers and desktop web browsers.


To improve student life around college, we will be the first indoor map application which offers opportunity to any college/community to design their own indoor navigation and view of details of each room.

Success Criteria:

Every school needs their indoor interactive map. I willing to help every school to build an interactive designed map for student to know the school even before they step into the school.

For now, we designed for GBC, the only process when it switch to different school is to redesign the current floor map the school pride.