GHOSTAG – Visual Messages Attached to Objects and Locations


Mobile service for business to use with any device with a camera. Allows a user to attach data (messages, status feeds, sensor data, etc.) to objects and locations. The data is geotagged and visible as a screen overlay on top of the real objects.
GHOSTAG is an innovative concept that might help to effectively manage low-visibility information relating to assets and objects in business settings:
- Items distributed over large areas (eg. machines, hardware equipment, sensors, etc);
- Objects that are hard to distinguish from each other (eg. fleet of vehicles, containers, etc);
- Hidden from the field of view (eg. behind or inside the walls, underground, low visibility conditions, etc).
The focus would be on Mining, Construction, Logistics, Aviation, Architecture and Retail businesses.


GHOSTAG will revolutionise the way we interact with objects and places. GHOSTAG will make all kinds of data visible and editable in the camera view of corporate mobile devices. This will increase efficiency, security and usability of various already existing business assets. The potential of GHOSTAG is scalable and adaptable to various industries including public sector and individual users.

Success Criteria:

- Development of the product and the service for business that would be adaptable to various circumstances and requirements according to the nature of rendered data.
- Growing the idea into the business; team building; recruitment; worldwide expansion.
- Incorporation, team building.
- Development of the demo application. (3 to 6 months)
- Partnership with industry and education institutions in order to introduce few pilot projects as a proof of concept for potential investors or customers. (+ 6 to 12 months)
- Scaling up and worldwide expansion. (+ 2 to 3 Years).