Gradbuddy will utilize technology and algorithms to help students plan their graduation better and to reduce dropout rates. We provide advises and reminders in student’s personal devices as push notifications. Our target is to minimize research time for future goal with minimum cost.

If there is a smart app that would generate a notification to personal devices stating simple facts then students will be fully informed and can plan their graduation better. Example of such notifications are “deadline to drop a course is: ?? ” or “this course have high level of music technicality later on so you may want to see the course syllabus”. If live updates can be provided to this app such as attendance or preliminary assignment marks then it can also remind the student that specific course is in not a good condition so they can drop it at the right time. Privacy for this data can be tuned. If we can provide the app more data it can even generate more complicated notifications such as “looking at your past interest you might want to invest on this 6 credit course for this whole year” or “this 3 credit course is prerequisite for so many others so may be this is a good one”. This kind of examples can be generated by the school body. Which later, with matching profile will be used through the app as deliverable.


In most undergraduate and post graduate study systems of Canadian institutions students are required to take at least 3 courses to become a full time student. Students with proper dedication and permission can even take 7 courses with having to pay no extra tuition fees. Some students would register to window shop in different courses so they can find the right ones that fit their preference. Good institutions for very good reason offer a variety of courses as well as the amazing elective credits system brings the students to try different doors of knowledge. But quite so many times they do not drop before the right time and in some other cases their curious nature brings them to try very difficult courses. These courses may seem easy at the beginning but in turn becomes very difficult when it is way inside the semester. This is burden we all share when we see the dropout rates in this very competitive study level. This application will try to face this problem in a very unique way as well as it will provide very simple notifications to keep them up to date. For an ultimate success we will start to implement this application in school level with basic features and a lot of information. This way we will become a virtual buddy until graduation. A buddy who knows the students motivation factors from where students have shown excellence before.

Success Criteria:

We can very easily determine from the data how many students are using it and the dropout rates among the similar students who does not use it. To make full understanding of the implementation we have to practically reach students in higher classes of a few schools as sample data. Effectiveness can be more if a healthy study competition already exist between these two schools.