Helpr Community


Helpr community creates a streamlined volunteering experience that benefits both the student and the surrounding community. Helprs cross channel platform will improve schools efficiency and the students outlook on community prosperity.

Helpr will allow students to accept, track and complete community involvement hours for high school graduation. Community members will be able to post volunteer opportunities to ensure they get the help they need.

The students will be able to complete hours through the application or add their off-line hours (completed outside of our applications eco-sytem). This will remove any need for the student to keep a sheet or booklet with their completed hours for the duration of their secondary school career. 88% of teens own a mobile device and use it on a daily basis, it's time we bring the volunteering off paper and online.

We will create a web application for community members and school staff that will be able to post volunteer opportunities that students can then complete using their volunteer application. The school staff will get a simple dashboard that will allow them to monitor the students progress to their required hours, each student will also be assigned a “risk level“ based on how many more hours they need and how close they are to graduation.

Our goal is to improve guidance counselors efficiency in school boards while also boosting engagement for volunteerism in students (only 53% of teens volunteer each year). This boost in volunteerism will help strengthen the community and ensure that students graduate on time.


Currently as a member of the community you would need to know a student or advertise your need for volunteer help through a school or another means. With Helpr, we will have a simple web application where they can post jobs and students can browse and accept them with very little effort.

From some discovery research with guidance counselors we have definitely noticed that educators are struggling to reach students about their hours or volunteer opportunities within the community. We will change this.

When you look at the current process, high school students have for collecting community involvement hours you can see that there is a lot of hand off points. Guidance counselors need to put in an excessive amount of leg work to get the volunteer opportunities into the hands of the students. Helpr will cut out this extra work from all parties involved, reducing hours from the school staff and the headache from everyone.

Some of the benefits include:
- At a glance schools will see which students need more hours.
- The students can instantly identify volunteer areas of interest finding and tracking opportunities near them.
- Helpr will create an outlet for the community and guidance counselors for posting volunteer opportunities. An outlet that will be heard by students and utilized better than the outdated system of bulletin board postings & announcements.

Success Criteria:

Milestones (once funded):
Designed - 2 months
Developed - 2-3 months
Launched/Released - 4-5 months

After our initial launch in 4-5 months, our goals are as follows.

1 Month Goals:
- 100+ downloads
- 45%+ user retention
- 50+ volunteer opportunities posted

3 Month Goals:
- 1+ Schools on boarded
- 300+ downloads
- 30%+ user retention
- 200+ volunteer opportunities posted

Our primary goal is to focus on Canadian schools and communities for the launch of Helpr. With over 600 school boards in Canada there is extraordinary potential for growth.