Hidden in Plain Sight


Sean Sutcliffe, a Durham College student, took his life in May 2015 because of mental illness. His story has the power to help thousands of people going through a similar struggle get the help they need.
We created a documentary we'd like to share with the world. We want to travel to various post-secondary institutions and share Sean's message with college and university students during Orientation week or Mental Health week so Sean can help those who think they're alone.


Despite leaps and bounds in the mental health discussion, there is still so much more to be done. There is still a stigma surrounding mental illness and we want it to change.

Success Criteria:

We want to start a movement. We will take this message across Ontario, and then across Canada to make sure Sean's story is heard in all corners to help those going through a similar struggle. Starting in Durham Region, where Sean lived, we will take his message to post-secondary institutions and continue throughout the country.