Indigi Rides


Here at Indigi Rides we go to First Nation communities all across Ontario in search of the best ride that they have built or purchased.


Indigi Rides takes away the stigma of First Nation individuals and communities that they are at the bottom of the barrel. People who live on First Nation territories have rides that are second to none. They either build the rides or they scrape up the money to buy a ride. It can be a new hot rod(e.g.. Camaro, Mustang, Challenger, Hell Cat etc,. or an old one, e.g.. A Chevrolet Chevelle or Ponitac Firebird. Indigi Rides is meant to showcase the amazing rides First Nation people have.

Success Criteria:

The goals for this project include, shooting at least 10 episodes to fill a season. The videos will be produced and hosted by Angela Lavallee. The timing will be a video out every week for 10 weeks. The goal is to eventually find rides from First Nations all across Canada.