Jr. Financial Planning Camp


To provide high school students Grade 9-12 exposure on how to be a Financial Planner by training them in a Summer Camp the basic structure of Financial Planning and then matching them to be mentored by actual Financial Planners working in the 6 Major Banks as assistants after school hours, weekends and summer to provide them with one-year career experience.


It will allow high school students to think about what they want to take in Post-Secondary. Parents who wants their children to work for the bank pays for the Summer Camp training to get their children interested (a minimal investment compared to investing for an entire 3-4 years worth in a program their children may not like. Banks can start influencing youth to save, invest and to plan for their future.

Success Criteria:

Goals: To expose Youth to Financial Planning practice.

Milestone: Summer Camp for Training and One-Year work-study internship working for the Major Financial Institutions.

Timing: Can start to be developed anytime but the overall developmental stage is estimated to be 1 year to get Government (for youth salaries to be trained), George Brown College (for teachers during Summer Camp) and the Financial Institutions (for Mentors) involved in the entire program.