Kawartha Adventure Agency: You Adventure. We Film.


In the Acropolis, on the streets of Venice, or beside Niagara Falls – everywhere you go someone is trying to capture the experience for themselves or their family. Now you can leave it us.
We want to give the moment of wonder back to families. It’s your time to enjoy an adventure and our job to plan, package and film it. By doing this we hope to help spur the economy back home and introduce folks from all over to the City of Kawartha Lakes.

We’ll start where we know best; the jewel of Central Ontario, the City of Kawartha Lakes. The Kawarthas are located close to Toronto, and Pearson International airport.

Hiring a team of videographers and editors is expensive, hard to navigate and mostly an unknown process to folks. There will be easy to use, one-click solutions for all of our services.

Dan and Zoey have travelled across the world filming on low budgets, with lightning quick expectations and strong corporate demands.
Using our collective skills in broadcast, marketing and public relations we want to offer future adventurers one of these options:
A customized action-travel experience with full documentary coverage
It’s as easy as ordering a pizza. On the menu, a list of package options that fit a range of budgets and time lines. We will also offer adventurers the option to build their own tour from a list of events, activities, and lodging options.

The family reality TV show
What better way to remember family moments than to look back at a showcase of challenges, rivalry, drama and team building. At the end of the vacation, instead of getting a documentary detailing the families experience, they will get the full reality TV show treatment. Before they arrive, each family member fills out survey. We will use that information to help customize challenges they will compete in. During down time we’ll take a moment to ask family members how they really feel. Unlike Survivor, at the end of these adventures the family members must work together to accomplish the final challenge.

The Great Ontario Adventure
When a documentary or reality show of your vacation isn’t enough, we will invite a photographer on our team to help capture the experience. Our team member will take high photos of the entire adventure and be able to provide great memories and professional shots to share with friends and family.

The adventure travel package
Working with our partners that run each activity we will also offer all-inclusive packages without a video service. We will act as the coordinator by talking with businesses involved and scheduling the best times and providing our clients with a detailed itinerary. This takes a lot of the pressure off the client and allows them to sit back and enjoy a carefree adventure in the city of Kawartha lakes. By working with these businesses, we also will be able to get discounts and special promotions that they will not be able to get anywhere else.


This project is going to inspire tourism, increase jobs, spur tourism and boost the economy in the Kawarthas. We hope that folks choose to stay in the Kawarthas as many did when jobs were more readily available.

Families will now have a new documentary and reality-video service readily at hand. There is nothing like what we are proposing on the market.

We would like to see rental shops open and the existing ones flourish. While our starting goal for clients is low, we hope to bring hundreds of new people arriving to Canada to the Kawarthas for vacation. In addition, we too will be looking for employees to handle booking needs, website development and production.

A new service, with the promise of employment is a humble idea, but one that the City of Kawartha Lakes needs.

Success Criteria:

The indicators for success we will be looking at are:
Rate of web traffic, social media indicators, rate of purchase, and results from client key performance indicator surveys
Media coverage of the service, success of partner businesses, and progress of The City of Kawartha Lakes Economy

We hope to continually receive good reviews and feedback from folks who use this service.

Tangibly, our goal for 2018 is to bring in $25000 or greater in operating revenue. This equates to serving approximately 11 clients throughout next Q2 and Q3. This will be enough to balance the books and allow us to continue the project.