Living Your Dreams In Advance


An online talk show aimed at encouraging young people in Belleville to live their dreams. Young and aspiring entrepreneurs will be able to learn from the experiences and challenges shared by successful young people that will be featured on the show. It will also create a platform for discovering, encouraging and publicizing diverse talents via Facebook, blog and on our YouTube channel. It will create a symbiotic network of young people with like minds to encourage each other's ideas and work together. There will be an annual meetup event called Be.Youthy.Ful to showcase talents, market businesses, learn art and craft, engage in recreational activities consult field experts for guidance. Its all about encouraging and sharing!!


• It is a common notion that People feel an emotional connection to the places that bring them enjoyment. Some of the benefits as follows:
*It will break down cultural, class and identity barriers through our activities, recreational activities has the ability to break down cultural, class and identity barriers.
*Strengthen the young people emotionally, less suicide rate, less self esteem issues.
*Reduce negative, self-destructive behaviours such as substance abuse.
*Help youths better manage stress and reduce depression
*Create a sense of belonging, an escape from negativity
*Break down cultural, class and identity barriers.
*Most of all, to create an emotional connection to Belleville Ontario

Success Criteria:

The overall timing for the program actualization is 3-4months
The goal of this program is to establish a well known talk show to encourage youths in Belleville to live their dreams and promote healthy minds by creating positive relationships. The program is designed to achieve the following objectives :
1. Increase collaboration between youths of like minds in the community
2. Seek and identify youths with talents and ideas and promote them via social media
3. Improve access to mentors and life coach for youths
4. Decrease the rate of suicide and depression amongst youths 5. Increase the services for seniors who are caretakers of children or disabled adults
6. Increase the number of activities and events for youths in Belleville
7. Reduce anxiety for school.
We look forward to getting testimonies from young people who have been inspired by our program and are making use of their talent and abilities to benefit the community. Presently, we have a Facebook page at a blog where we promote young people with extraordinary talent. Our team is working with a student who recently started a clothing line business to assist in publicity and marketing.