Macrotec Biomedical


2 Stream Biomedical Engineering firm.
1) Biomedical device repair
Our team of Biomedical Engineering Technologists are licensed and trained in servicing, preventative maintenance and repair of all medical devices.
2) Research and Development
Our research branch will pursue the development of prototype devices with the intention of minimizing complications in the health field. Among other aspirations, we want to help hospitals document and locate patients as well as manage inventory.


1) Third Party Repair
Hospital and nursing home beds are placed out-of-service and left broken in spare rooms until the reserve beds are depleted. Internal BME's at hospitals must take entire days off scheduled maintenance to resolve the problem. A third party repair company can alleviate the workload of internal maintenance with beds and similarly, small, broken multi-use devices that accumulate in large quantities. This type of work can be contractually agreed upon, providing our company with consistent funding to pursue research.
2) Research and Development
Our prototype concepts are designed to increase the efficiency of the workforce in the medical industry. We will research new, affordable and feasible methods for nurses, doctors and devices to perform their jobs. Our focus is on the improvement of current shortcomings with modern technology, IE long-lasting leads and electrodes, as well as a central station GPS locator for patients and devices.

Success Criteria:

The goal of our repair sector is to provide servicing on medical devices, primarily beds and small devices, across the entire province of Ontario. The opportunity in the Windsor region to begin our journey to success is unparalled; the only 3rd party biomedical repair facility recently closed and the one remaining competitor is based in London. We are in the process of establishing an agreement with the competitor, Technimedical, for extra training in the repair field providing us with the firsthand experience needed to enter hospitals with a reputation of high performance. Our standards at Macrotec Biomedical are pertinent to success and will dictate that all employees regard ethics, morals and safety as the precedent concern.
Our research will be successful when we have established a functioning prototype and attained investors and consumers.