Manitoulin Hemp Company


Hello everyone, my name is David Callejas. I am a Canadian from Sudbury, Ontario. I am a graduate of both Chemical Engineering and Electrical Engineering from Sudbury Ontario's, Cambrian College. I own a large section of farm land on Ontario's magnificent Manitoulin Island. I am here seeking assistance in starting a healthy, environmentally friendly, and sustainable independent business. This project is in the very early stages of development right now but is growing quickly. The business has been registered with the provincial government, domain names have been secured, and web development and graphic design has begun.

While studying Chemical Engineering at Cambrian College I became very fascinated with the properties of the cannabis hemp plant. I used a good portion of my time their to study, research, and work with the plant to learn more about it. My work was done at the college level for a technical report project, which is similar to a thesis. The assignment was to chose a topic related to chemical engineering, study it, and reproduce it in the lab. Later we were to write a technical report on our findings and present them to the class.

The topic that I chose to study was how to make plastics from hemp. Hemp is a very desirable plant to use for this purpose as its grow time is very short, it is very gentle on the environment when growing, and it is very dense with the primary ingredient used to make bio-plastics. Through my work I managed to identify the primary polymer ingredient in hemp, I devised an effective procedure to isolate, concentrate, and extract this ingredient, and I was effectively working on different ways to bind it all together into a polymer plastic. I did produce a rudimentary polymer that was hard and transparent but I needed to do more work to get the properties that I was really after. My goals were to produce a hemp polymer yoga mat and water bottle, as I really enjoy practicing yoga and I believe the matts and water bottles should be made of a more environmentally friendly material. I was focused on developing this product. Unfortunately my program ended and the project took a halt there with it.

Now I am here asking for your help to start it all up again. By supporting me, you will be donating to the foundation and development of a Earth conscious company that is focused on building a healthier environment and product market for all of us. The business is a multi-tiered operation that will take some time and stimulus to fully accomplish. It's name will be the Manitoulin Hemp Company, MHC, and its primary objective is to produce and provide sustainable products made of hemp and other natural materials to the public. The company will be completely privately owned and operated by yours truly with the help of a few select friends that are showing interest. Along side the yoga mat and water bottle, I wish to produce textile products like building materials, fibres, and plastics from hemp.

As farming industrial hemp is a government regulated process and a very big scale project, I am starting the business smaller at first in hopes to grow into the vision mentioned above. The initial plans are to grow a variety of herbs and potatoes this Summer. The herbs will be used to make steam-distilled essential oils and the potatoes will be used to produce bio-fuel and solvent, which is used as a cleaning supply in the lab to save money. The essential oils will be sold as is and also used as fragrance in soaps that I am going to make my self this Summer. In the future, this soap will be made of hemp seed oil grown on MHC farms. Every step done in the processing and manufacturing of these products will be done from an environmental and sustainable perspective. This business believes that by helping the environment, the environment will help the business.

Once this smaller project starts and the company receives stimulus an industrial hemp license will be obtained. The company will then begin to farm industrial hemp. At first the hemp will be processed and sold as fiber. The fiber is used for pulp and paper, clothing, and rope. During this time, research is going to be done to perfect the development of hemp textile products and the yoga mat and water bottle. Also, with hemp farming the company will begin bee-keeping along side. This will help the plant reproduce to sustain its self. This will also help sustain bee populations and provide honey and wax to be sold and used to make other products, like hemp bees-wax candles infused with organic essential oils. Doesn't that sound nice?

Now, I need funding to help start this business. I am currently working to invest in setting up a lab space on my property. This will be where research into the hemp plant will be done and where the essential oils, soaps, and bio-fuel will be made. As laboratory gear and setting up a business is very expensive, I need assistance to set this project up and to get the ball rolling. Along with the multitude of other equipment, permits, business regestration, trademarking, and property management costs that are involved, this small project is proving to be difficult for a college graduate to fund.

I will conclude here simply saying thank you. Thank you for reading my plan and sharing my vision. Any help is appreciated. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me. Working together, I am sure that this idea will grow very quickly.


David Callejas.


This idea is beneficial in many ways.

Firstly, it is stimulating for the local community of Manitoulin and Sudbury Ontario. This project is locally grown and involves many members of the community such as: chemists, horticulturalists, builders, web designers, product designers, marketing agents, and simply anybody that has talent that wants to get involved. This project is inspiring people already in the local community, giving them something to work towards that they can feel a part of.

Secondly, this idea could potentially help correct the impact that the petroleum industry has had on the environment. It will take time to produce but the product line that MHC has in its prospects can have a huge effect on the World. By providing consumer products and textiles and building supplies made from a naturally produced and environmentally friendly material, our carbon output will be very low. This idea can help prevent the projected influences of climate change we are all facing. MHC can change the planet.

Thirdly, MHC is going to be a company that people from around the World are going to get to know. It is going to bring tourism. Web tourism, local tourism, and business tourism. This company is going to be attractive and something people are going to get behind. They will be checking our social media and websites, people will be visiting the farm and manufacturing facilities on Manitoulin Island (which is currently experiencing an economic deficit), and the networking MHC is doing will bring many other businesses and investors to Canada. If the company is successful and actually begins, it is a fail proof idea. There is a very large demand from the public for the products we are prospecting to create. It is a very exciting potential.

Success Criteria:

The business is going to take some time to get to the point where it is projecting to be. It is very possible that this will work, I am the property owner and I have the passion to succeed. Work has already begun to secure the business name by registering it with the provincial government, domain names have been secured for web development, and currently there are individuals working on graphic design and logo creation for branding and trademarking. The technicalities are being taken care of right now for this Summer when products will begin to become available. This should make the process of manufacturing and selling more frictionless.

This Spring and Summer is going to be a very busy time for MHC. Once the Spring comes this year, the farming will begin. When the earth is workable, gardens are going to be plotted and turned and prepared for the growing season. I already have a small team of individuals willing to help with this set up. Once the grounds are prepared and the weather is good, planting will begin. This will consist of herbs and potatoes for the first year. The herbs will be used to produce steam distilled essential oils. Soaps will be made to use the oils in. The raw herb, oils, and the soaps will be sold this Summer. The potatoes are going to be used to produce ethanol solvent. This is a laboratory cleaning agent and also a solvent used to make tinctures, which are essential oil products.

Next an industrial hemp licence will be obtained. Farming hemp will require some trial and error but should be relatively easy. Initially the plant will be used to produce fibre. This fibre can be used for a variety of products. Research and development will be done along side growing hemp to develop the textile products MHC wishes to produce. In three to four years the company should be well on its way to reaching the consumer and commercial market.