Mohawk #1 Education and #1 in Caring for Our Community


I'd like to use $15,000.00 to fund a clean up project for the Hamilton region. I want to PAY strictly STUDENTS from Mohawk to clean our community. It provides students with income and money for tuition and basic necessities and improves our community at the same time. I also want the students who do this project to receive an award so its something they can put on there resume to impress employers for when they go out to the workforce. We can grow by offering our services for a fee to businesses in Hamilton and we could even expand to other communities like Halton region (Burlington) and so on, it can provide students with networking and potential connections for when they are ready for the workforce all while advertising Mohawk about how we not only provide students with #1 education but we provide our community with #1 care as well. It will promote Mohawk and our students at the same time which is all we want in the first place. The students we hire will have uniforms advertising Mohawk everywhere they go.


Its going to provide students who lack funding with money to pay for their books and tuition and basic necessitates, making our community a better place and advertising Mohawk all at the same time. Its "killing two birds with one stone" or in this case 3 birds. Existentially, Id like to hire a cleaning crew/.landscaping crew. With $15,000.00 we can provide our community with 1000 hours of care and cleaning and pay our students a decent wage of $15.00/per hour. Once we begin expanding our services we can continually provide even more care for our community and our students.

Success Criteria:

The goals are to provide students with money so they don't drop out due to lack of income, reduce the stress of our students so they can perform better, to make Hamilton a more welcoming and clean environment and advertise Mohawk EVERYWHERE. I also would like to have the project be on going through expanding to other communities and offering services to businesses.