Motify, which stands for Motivate and Simplify, is a virtual assistant intended to help individuals on the Autism Spectrum throughout their life. Motify is a modular application that changes and adapts as users learn and grow. Each module is designed to help build essential life skills such as interacting with others, preparing for the workplace and keeping organized. It has been designed for three main demographics: individuals on the spectrum, facilitators and parents/guardians.


Currently, 1 in 63 people in North America is on the autism spectrum and every year that number rises drastically. Studies show that only 56% of students on the Autism Spectrum graduate high school, 30% graduate post-secondary and only 15% of individuals on the spectrum are employed full time. Individuals on the spectrum not only face the challenges we all encounter, they may struggle with social interactions, verbal and non-verbal communication, repetitive behaviors. Although there are resources available to these individuals, there are very few that are helpful after adolescence. Motify is a platform that changes and adapts as the user grows. This allows it to be flexible enough to be used at any stage in life.

Success Criteria:

• For Motify to become one of the accessible learning tools used in elementary, middle, high and postsecondary schools across Canada.
• For individuals on spectrum to have access and be able to use Motify whether they are still in school or not
• To partner with a center and conduct comprehensive research for individuals with Autism at different levels and stages
• To build a great team of developers and researchers who are on the spectrum, work with individuals on the spectrum, or have a true passion to not only develop but for creating a meaningful impact.

8 months: Beta Testing over a 3 month period in schools, workplaces, and accessible learning organizations across Canada.
15 months: Raise $150K in investments to complete 5 modules. The modules will focus on social interaction, organization, and skill development
24 months: 7000 subscriptions across Canada, mainly through institutions.