My St. Catharines


This project is all about community building, and subsequently seeing the city of St. Catharines thrive through growth in the local economy. This project is meant to showcase the city as it is and as it aims to be: an entirely inclusive community of all peoples - the poor and the marginalized, the LGBTQ community, immigrants and refugees, people of colour, middle- and upper-class people, those of various religions and more. Each person and their unique characteristics have a lot to offer the city and to offer others. This will include an online as well print campaign that highlights individuals from various communities and businesses through photography and video. This project will conclude with a charity event with funds raised in order to help end homelessness in St. Catharines. At this event, all photos taken will be on display, and there will be a showing of the documentary. This event also provides an opportunity for people from all walks of life to form unlikely friendships and encourage these individuals to continue supporting the community from buying locally, and supporting local charities. Each person employed for this project will be a local as there are many amazing and highly capable small businesses within the community.


The aim of the project is community building. In this, the benefits are as follows:
1. The residents of the city of St. Catharines are given a visual of who the city is and aims to be, in the city’s attempts to be inclusive and charitable to all people, including people such as the poor and the marginalized, the LGBTQ community, refugees, etc., as well as the middle-class and upper-class.
2. The residents are made aware of the various communities that are they can participate in, including the city’s thriving local businesses, charities, and other organizations.
3. Through the project and event, residents are provided with the opportunity to begin to engage with individuals who are different than they are, which encourages community building, and growing the local economy

Success Criteria:

1. Online: The goal would to hit 4000-6000 people following the project throughout all social media platforms. Get the city backing this project weather it is financially or helping raise awareness of this project
2. Event attendance numbers: The goal for the event would be to have it the First Ontario Performing Arts Centre, and sell it out. That means we would aim to have approximate 750 people in attendance.
3. Impact: I will collect emails from everyone involved in the project, people viewing online, as well as at the event in order to send out a survey 3 months after the event seeing if they are more involved, in addition to a monthly email talking about the amazing impact that this project will have, weather that is in businesses, charities, or even personal lives of residents.