With busy lives, sometimes pet owners also feel like they are on a leash. On a leash is a software application that allows pet owners to request a dog walker on a whim, via the ON A LEASH APP. The platform connects pet owners with local people who are available to walk their pets. It allows walkers to earn money, walking dogs in their free time and get the therapeutic benefits of walking a dog. The application allows the owner to select, rate and communicate with the walker. It also allows the owner to see the location of the walker when he or she is with your dog and the route that the walker has taken the dog on. ON A LEASH pet-walkers all must have a valid police record check on file prior to being added into our pool of walkers.
Owners can rate walkers and walkers can rate owners.

In the office later than you thought? ON A LEASH APP can help. Running into the grocery store and need someone to watch your dog for a few minutes? No sweat ON A LEASH can be of service


My idea will offer flexible work for individuals, such as students. It will also allow for individuals who do not have a dog to get the therapeutic and health benefits of walking a dog. For the dog owners, it is a beneficial app to have and will alleviate the stress of having to be home to walk your dog at certain times.

Success Criteria:

A milestone would be to actually create the app, once it is live in the app store the measurement for success would be app downloads and users.