Paperwork Hero


Paperwork Hero (PH) is software designed in order to alleviate pressures of completing government regulated paperwork, allow for them to increase productivity, ensure peace of mind when conducting paperwork and make sure they are ready for inspections; whether conducted by government or 3rd parties. Targeted towards decision makers at provincial meat processing plants, such as the 499 FSMP’s and Abattoirs currently located within Ontario, PH offers a three-tier (Basic, Intermediate and Pro) subscription based software, in which each level offers more features.


In order to see the true benefit of Paperwork Hero first you must understand the problem for provincial inspected meat processing plants - especially those which fall under OMAFRA. OMAFRA regulated inspections are highly focused on ensuring government mandated paperwork is completed correctly and incorrectly completed paperwork is one of the number one reasons why businesses fail inspections. If a business fails an inspection it could lead to the business being closed down. These businesses need a hero, a Paperwork Hero. Paperwork Hero is an innovative subscription based software solution, which will ensure that OMAFRA regulated paperwork is completed correctly and the required paperwork is filled in. Thus reducing the chances of a OMAFRA inspection failure and helping to create piece of mind.

My family owns a meat processing plant within Ontario, and it is from growing up within the industry which I have been able to develop such a deep understanding of what this industry needs in order to succeed in Ontario alone there are 499 provincially inspected meat processing plants which could benefit from this solution. In addition Paperwork Hero has a unique differentiation point as it is completely unique and is currently the only software on the market offering software for completing OMAFRA regulated paperwork.

Success Criteria:

The overall mission of Paperwork Hero is to be the software for ensuring peace of mind and increased productivity when completing government paperwork allowing for business owners to optimize their time and become inspection ready.

In order to ensure the success in reaching this mission we have several goals, which are broken down into short term and long term.

Short Term Goals
Penetrate 15% of Ontario FSMP and Abattoir market in Year One.
Breakeven by the end of year two and start to make a profit.

Long Term Goals
Keep the software consistently up to date with government mandated paperwork and processes.
By the end of year two have 60% of the Ontario FSMP and Abattoir marketing, using one version of our software.
By the end of year three have 20% of our customers utilizing the pro (highest level) version of the software.
Expand geographically into Quebec and Manitoba during year three.
By the end of Year Three generate revenue of 1 million dollars.

The overall use of these funds will be to start the development of the final version of the software.