RoadBlock BREAKERS- Free mobile augmented reality game. Designed to help improve mental health, and create a safe space for those suffering a mental health illness. “Roadblock” symbolic to the stigmas those face as a result of mental illness will be a mix of the real world and an added digital layer to intensify the game RB is like no other. Players will be sent on daily quests to destroy road blocks, and weekly self-affirmation activities. RB will be up-to-date, will motivate, and captivate players in a fun, and exciting new way. As the prevalence of mental health illnesses like depression continues to grow there should be frequent, and comfortable discussion on the subject, sadly that is not the case. Those suffering are afraid of speaking up because of the stigmas built around mental health illness.
With a growing phenomenon on suicides I want to bring awareness and make a difference for my community, and for the world. RB will also provide a 24/7 confidential hotline only a button away. The first step in seeking help can be scary, and as a result there is a strong resistance to the idea. RB wants to provide a comfortable space where players can ask for help without worrying about what others would think.


With the frequent use of technology and mobile applications RB will reach a vast amount of people in a captivating new way. RB uniquely separates itself from competitor apps by bringing awareness, and promoting mental health in a fun and active way. Additionally RB will provide the stepping stones for those suffering to seek professional help.

Success Criteria:

I want to create a world where people can express how they feel without having to worry about what other think. I want people to speak openly about this app by creating friendly competition where friends and families can brag about which levels they've completed and the amount of points they accumulated. The goal is to develop an app that is played world-wide an app that motivates and gives thousands suffering the courage to speak up.I want to save a life.

From June 1st, 2017
• Search and speak to local app developers
• Develop website (domain)

From December, 2017
Time: (3- 5 months)
• Developer begins app
• Make a deposit and search for potential sponsors

From May, 2018
Time: (2 months)
• App developed
• Porotype/ tested for bugs
• Receive feedback before marketing app

From July, 2018
Time: (2 months)
• Marketing/ Pre launch
• Create video demos
Two release dates:
If no modifications are needed RoadBlock BREAKERS will be out just before school in September, 2018.
Otherwise it will be modified, and released in November, which is the season with the highest rates of suicides.