RSS Realtor Swipe Solutions


Think Tinder; swipe left if not interested, swipe right if you are. Same idea for RSS. My app will be updated hourly providing people with the newest real estate on the market with everything needed (pricing, location). Users will then swipe left if they do not like it, or swipe right if they are interested. Users will then be sent to another page where they complete the swipe process on Real Estate Agents after viewing their personal and professional biography. Once the agent and home is selected you will be able to connect with each other via email.


Quick and easy way of buying real estate. I am connected with builders, agents, and investors and their biggest problem with selling is that they do not have the time to show houses every single day. By incorporating the virtual reality and 360 view pictures and videos of the houses on our app customers will be able to view their dream house from the luxury of their own current home. Time is money, and that is exactly what I believe. I am saving money by saving everyone time. For agents, a lot of money is wasted by showing multiple houses and not getting a sale from them. This saves gas money, time, and effort.

Success Criteria:

My goal is to receive funding for this idea and start building the app. I am currently an intern and I do not have the capital to make my idea a reality. My goal is to increase profit by reducing the time and effort real estate agents spend. This is also a great way for people to surf the app on spare time to find their dream home and dream partner to do business with. Once this app is generated I then want to develop another part of the app that incorporates rental properties. This will offer users the option to rent on their own, or click the "Friend" option where our database will generate a like-minded person to suggest for you to room with. This saves costs for living and partners two like minded people together that are interested in the same home.