Shattered Sketches Outreach


Shattered Sketches is an organization that would benefit the Windsor Essex-County Community by offering resources, to families and individuals who find themselves in a rough patch during their lives, for placement services and agencies (such as the Alzheimers Society, VON, and YMCA). We plan on beginning in downtown Windsor and eventually expanding our locations to towns in Essex County; including Harrow, Essex, Leamington. This organization demonstrates dedication to making the lives of others better and offering a helping hand. Through the contributions of others as well as the innovation fund Shattered Sketches Outreach would have the opportunity to help offset the costs of referrals to appropriate services and programs for individuals or families.


The outreach organization would provide services and programs as well as offer referrals for families and individuals in need. During times of great struggle many may find themselves with feelings of hopelessness and loss. As graduates of the Social Service Worker Program at St. Clair College, the coordinators understand how one event can change a person's life forever and the needs of the Windsor Essex County Community. We are able to effectively identify areas of great need as well as fellow organizations that best match the need of each individual. We believe this is essential when creating a service to benefit the community, as an organization can not adequately provide services for the community if you are not aware of the needs of the citizens within the town and city you are trying to support.

Success Criteria:

Our measurement of success are to help 200 individuals and families by the end of the first year upon opening. If we are selected to receive the Innovation Fund we plan to open our doors end of June the upcoming year. Shattered Sketches Outreach is also aiming to hold a benefit dinner in our first year of operation to effectively interact with fellow organizations in Windsor and Essex County as well as build lasting relationships with others.