ShipDeal app


“ShipDeal” is a mobile application that helps users find people who travel around the world. Meanwhile the app itself is to only let people find each other and connect, this feature might be extremely useful in some cases:

-Someone who needs to deliver something fast but very tight with money and can’t afford express-delivery. The user can look for somebody who goes to a specific place at specific date and connect with this person.

-Someone who needs to deliver something asap. Postal and express-delivery services might not be fast enough in some cases (they do not work on weekends, meanwhile people traveling around the world every day).

-In some places postal services might not work well (delivery is delayed or packages come damaged), people can’t trust such services. There is an option to find somebody who is willing to help and talk to him/her in person.

-Some people living abroad often want to get some products from their own countries such as medicines or food; or, alternatively, someone is interested in a foreign culture and wants some authentic items but online shops suggest not what the user needs. Users can find somebody who goes from the country they like to the place where they reside and connect with the person.

-Someone wants to earn a little on his travel

-Someone simply doesn’t want to travel alone, especially if it is a long trip, so user can find a company.


Such service might become an amazing alternative to all existing traditional postal services. From my personal experience, as an international student living in Canada for almost 4 years I experienced many situations when I needed to get something form my home country ASAP or send something to my family but regular postal services never were an option (either time or money limit). In all the cases there was only one solution: networking. Every time i had to look for people who would deliver a package for me. Furthermore after a little survey I realized I'm not alone: most of the foreign people send requests to their own internal communities first and if they do not get response they go to a postal office. This is a BIG issue especially for people who live abroad but still have very tight connections with other countries. I know that people already use this "service" I only want to simplify the process and provide them with an appropriate platform that would let them connect not only with their own community but with the whole world.

Success Criteria:

For security reasons many privacy settings should be available for the users, so they would feel comfortable posting personal information. Privacy and security issue will be analyzed in details during system design. Appropriate survey will be conducted to understand people's priorities.
After app is tested and ready to use, the major part comes to life: promotion. Since the main idea of the app is people connection: the more people involved, the more useful app is. There are many ways to promote such service, promoting it in colleges/universities with a lot of international students, or integrating it in some existing systems such as Facebook, or display it as advertisement. In any case it requires money and this is the reason I am participating in Innovation Fund.
With such a big number of foreign people Canada is the best place to start promotion company which I believe will greatly help the app become successful.