Solving Senior Care Costs


Mirsee Robotics is developing solutions to improve access to care. We’re creating a robotic avatar that allows caregivers to remotely enter a client’s environment, navigate the space in 3D, and interact with people/objects using touch feedback. Caregivers will have instant access to clients hundreds of kilometers away and be able to perform all the tasks they normally would, as if they were physically there.


We are lowering the cost of senior care and assisted living by enabling remote caregiver access to clients. A single caregiver will be able to service more clients within a day by eliminating all commuting. He or she will still be able to provide the same level of service as the avatar will be able to mimic all hand and arm movements. With the use of haptic feedback, or touch feedback, a caregiver will feel exactly how much force they are applying when they are interacting with objects or people. They will have the same fine motor control skills as if they were there in person. Physical tasks like applying a blood pressure cuff or deliver medications will be just as possible.

Success Criteria:

Goal: A robotic solution that increases access to care
Full commercialization: 3-5 years
Licensing: 3 years
Medical device class: 1/2 (feature dependent)
Use of funds: R&D, operational costs