Spontaneousity is a community marketplace where businesses can seamlessly list their unique excursions, and people can discover and book these excursions instantly within the app, around the world, all from their mobile phone or tablet.

Everyone could use a little spontaneity in their life; How about skydiving on Friday, scuba diving on Saturday, and attending a wine tour on Sunday? Spontaneousity makes this possible by connecting local businesses with the people, providing a unique & spontaneous lifestyle, on any budget, in any city, anytime. 

Spontaneousity is the easiest way for local businesses to advertise their activities/excursions, and by the same token, the simplest way people can discover and book unique activities, up to the last minute, even in-destination! 

From skydiving to cooking classes, the opportunities are limitless, and Spontaneousity will pull all these interesting activities into one app where you can book them instantly so that you can start experiencing life to the fullest. 


Benefits for travelers/locals:

People spend on average months and more than 30 hours visiting dozens of websites, reading reviews, and purchasing guidebooks to plan a single vacation; which is the equivalent of four working days. Spontaneousity will provide a simple solution to this by giving people the ability to discover, plan, and book their excursions within minutes, no matter where they are.

No more countless hours spent on researching, comparing prices to similar services, signing up for multiple websites to book your excursions, external links, and/or unsecured payment systems. Just one app, endless experience opportunities, updated daily. Additionally, all listed excursions will be pre-screened for quality, value, and service, accompanied by real reviews from the Spontaneousity community so that you can book with confidence when booking spontaneously.

Benefits for local businesses:

Being a Spontaneousity partner provides a range of benefits for local businesses.

The key benefits for local businesses include:

- Generating new streams of revenue.
- Simple to set up! - Once approved, you can register your own business account and start posting your businesses activities/excursions within minutes.
- You don't pay unless we make money for you! - All sales are commissioned based, so there are no monthly fees.
- Offers a cost effective solution for companies who may not be able to afford mass marketing or build their own website/online reservation system.

Success Criteria:

Pre-launch Goals:

App Designed - 2 months
App Developed - 4-5 months
App Launched/Released - 6-8 months

After-Launch Goals:

1 Month Goals:
- 250+ downloads
- 25+ bookings
- 20+ partners (local business accounts set up)

3 Month Goals:
- 1000+ downloads
- 150+ bookings
- 40+ partners

6 month Goals:
- 5000+ downloads
- 1000+ bookings
- 60+ partners

12 month Goals:
- 10,000+ downloads
- 2,000+ bookings
- 100+ partners

Spontaneousity will most certainly be going global, however, in the beginning, I will be focussing on creating partnerships and listings starting with the major cities of Canada.

PS. It's also worth mentioning I have secured the domains "" & "" for future use.