Student in touch with the market


The idea is create one software which different departments from a company can share their schedule available to receive technical visit from students. This schedule will appear to all colleges registered and each teacher will be able to decide which company|department they want to bring the students.

Even studied for a few years in a College, many times when the students finish their major they don't fell prepared to get a job. They complain they need more time in touch with the job market observing the company's methodologies, process and strategies.
Nowadays, usually only coop courses provide technical visits and part of these are limited for specific classes.


To provide more market experience to students through technical visits in companies and their different departments, independent of the major (coop or not), the class or the teacher.
Through the app, the student can start in the first semester stay in touch with the target.
Equal opportunities for all colleges book technical visits independent of their network.

Success Criteria:

Number of companies and colleges registered
Number of visits registered monthly by companies
Number of visits booked monthly by colleges
Number of visits made