Tandempark Volunteer Community


Tandempark is engaging and empowering the volunteer sector to help make the world a better place. It’s a digital platform built around a powerful volunteer management tool that helps nonprofit organizations build strong and vibrant communities.
At Tandempark’s core lies an innovative online tool that is specifically designed to revolutionize volunteer management. That’s why our software better equips nonprofit organizations to serve the vulnerable, protect the planet, and enrich their local and global communities.
Our unique approach to volunteerism means our software has the ability to streamline and automate volunteer recruitment, management, communication, and reporting tasks, while at the same time, helping individuals and corporate teams discover and engage in meaningful and relevant opportunities.


“Alone, we can do so little. Together, we can do so much.” - Helen Keller
Imagine a community that works together, united by the simple desire to make the world a better place. Imagine the impact that can come from connecting, engaging, and empowering entire populations to serve and benefit the world around them! That’s the kind of place Tandempark is creating - a network where volunteers, organizations, and businesses can come together around this single common goal of creating strong and vibrant communities.
Tandempark provides volunteer managers with an intuitive interface that better equips them to recruit, schedule, manage, and communicate with their volunteers teams. By simplifying their processes and automating redundant and time-consuming tasks, our software makes it easier than ever for administrators to run amazing volunteer programs. That means our software builds capacity for charities and nonprofit organizations and helps stretch their limited resources, while further engaging volunteers in meaningful community service. From high school youth to socially responsible corporate teams, Tandempark will make it easier for everyone to make a difference in a way they can feel good about because it’s easier than ever to discover and engage in new opportunites.
Our platform’s strength is that it is based on exceptional utility. The functionality of our volunteer management tools is one of the primary reasons organizations choose to use Tandempark. That’s why we are
Winner: Exc!te Week 2015 “Best Business Idea - Social Enterprise”
Winner: smOffice 2016 “Innovative Startup”
“I strongly believe that Tandempark is an innovative software solution, and that the work they are doing is unique and invaluable in the world of volunteer management. At present, there is nothing else in the market that can achieve what they are proposing. The work that Tandempark is doing will provide incredible support to the volunteer sector, helping to build capacity for not-for-profit organizations, increase and enrich youth engagement in volunteering, and provide an ideal solution for businesses that want to develop and operate a corporate social responsibility program. With a single software solution, Tandempark is positioning itself to do all three.”
- KVenn, VP of Human Resources and Risk Analysis, YMCA Simcoe/Muskoka

Success Criteria:

Our goal is to provide an exceptional volunteer management tool that makes it easy for organizations and volunteers to make a difference. We aim to build and grow our community, turning individuals into a global village of volunteering.
Our beta launch in July 2016 received immensely positive feedback from our initial test market. Currently live and operational in Simcoe County, Tandempark is connecting high school students with long term care facilities, helping Georgian College students get involved on campus, and working with urban agriculture advocates to operate local, sustainable food-sharing programmes. As the chosen interface for the high school/long term care facility partnership, we are especially excited to see that program launching in two new schools this fall and others in planning for 2018.
We’re proud to have the insight from these administrators and the volunteers themselves constantly helping to shape our software. Much of the feedback reinforced what we had built and what we were planning for further iterations, but even more exciting was the additional features and functionality that were identified for future development.
This is where the William G. Davis Innovation Fund comes in. As our software continues to attract new organizations, we’re increasingly seeing the need to improve the most important aspect of team management: communication.
Our intention is to use these funds to develop and deliver on our fully integrated communications platform. There will be two major additions which will take Tandempark from OK to amazing: Text Message Notifications, and Full Project Messaging.
Currently, Tandempark can send simple email reminders to volunteers to inform them of upcoming commitments. These initial shift assignments and reminders have been well received, but the capability of sending text messages has organizers very excited - especially for high school aged volunteers. The biggest benefit of integrating text messaging into Tandempark is that our volunteers keep their contact information private, and organization event coordinators can message a volunteer by either email or SMS depending on the urgency and preference of the volunteer. Organizations will also be able to utilize SMS communications for mass communication of urgent needs.
The Full Project Messaging will enable an organizer to broadcast an email to all interested volunteers an entire outline of positions and shifts for an entire project. Currently, Tandempark can only announce one position at a time, making it much less effective for an organizer to both inform their volunteers about opportunities, and motivate them by sharing the bigger picture of all the positions needing to be filled.
For our closed community organizations (where all the volunteers know each other, and regularly work together), this new Full Project Messaging will allow an organizer to share a volunteer schedule with each volunteer so they know who they will be working with, and who will be replacing them at the end of the shift. Again, this will help us equip community organization leaders to spend less time on paperwork, and more time on ‘peoplework’ - developing and motivating their volunteer team and serving the needs of the community.

Timeline: 16 weeks
Milestone 1: Week 3 - SMS API Integrated
Milestone 2: Week 6 - SMS proxy and data structure completed
Milestone 3: Week 8 - SMS UI completed and ready for testing
Milestone 4: Week 10 - SMS Testing completed and released to users
Milestone 5: Week 14 - Full Project Messaging Completed
Milestone 6: Week 16 - Full Project Messaging Testing Completed and released to users.