Tejo – A makeup artist at your fingertips


Tejo is an online makeup recommendation tool that can inform customers of the right cosmetic products to purchase based off a selfie. It will initially be a web application (eventually phone-based app) that can detect a user's skin-tone and undertone using computer vision by also correcting for lighting conditions in the pictures uploaded. By doing so, the tool will give a consistent result and enable customers to find colour cosmetics that suit them from an online platform. For example: foundations that match a user's skin-tone or lipsticks that complement the user's undertone.


It takes hours to find the right shade of makeup in-store, and it is impossible to buy makeup online. There is no good way of comparing your skin tone to the colour of the cosmetic when shopping online. Currently, cosmetic companies are attempting to solve this problem by providing colour tiles on their website. These colours often do not translate in reality and are impossible to compare to real life skin tones. Buying makeup is even more difficult for women of colour or women in remote areas because they face limited product selection. This problem also extends to men who wear makeup since they feel stigmatised while shopping for products at brick-and-mortar stores. Using our tool customers can shop for the right cosmetics online and can be assured of the fact that it suits them.

TEJO will also enable cosmetic companies to increase their online sales since customers will be more confident of shopping for makeup online.

Success Criteria:

The following is a list of milestones for Tejo to be completed from June - October 2017.
• Develop interface for recommendation engine and user accounts. (by the end of June)
• Test user interface (concurrently with development)
• Launch a blogging platform that provides users with weekly updates on the latest products. (Mid June)
• Test effectiveness of back-end using a colour-detection device ; Chromameter. There should be at least 150
different samples. Test the accuracy of the tool by comparing the results with makeup artist recommendations. (June-July)
• Work on increasing accuracy of the tool (in August)
• Begin marketing (August - September)
• Integrate Amazon’s Associate’s program into our platform which will provide us with our initial array of products to sell with a 5-10% commission (September)
• Begin approaching companies (September - October) and continue marketing to bloggers/customers
• Start approaching small makeup companies to launch their products on our site (September - October)

Goals for post-implementation:
• Develop tools to better push content and products to customers
• Develop tools to analyse beauty/shopping trends
• Invest more in marketing