The Shop Broom


My idea is a standard looking work shop push broom with re engineered bristles. With a standard broom you will often find that things like hairs or metal shaving get stuck in the taller bristles. My design eliminates that by using 5 banks of squeegee like rubber to preform the sweeping action. It is virtually impossible for the debris to get stuck in between the rows of rubber creating a less work intensive sweeping experience.


Attending college in a industrial town there are inherently many machine and welding shops. I have built a prototype broom and it works wonderfully for it's intended purpose. If Canadian shops implement my product in day to day cleaning routines they could increase their productivity and decrease their time cleaning. Its amazing how much faster my broom will clean up compared to the competitors leading product.

Success Criteria:

I plan to implement the prize funds immediately to help get my broom into production. The idea is to contract production to garrett manufacturing in Quebec. Garrett is the leading broom and hand tool manufacturer in Canada. They distribute to many big box hardware store chains as well as manufacture some industrial specific products. If i can get my product in to Canadian home workshops and industry all floors would be cleaner in less time. I would also like to apply for a patent in the next coming year before production starts.