UNEMPLOYED to EMPLOYED | Impacting Communities With Businesses


When I invented KleanCase my aim was to manufacture within Canada and help uplift communities stricken with unemployment. As a student, I know firsthand how hard it is to find a job. My hope is to help leverage skills such as sewing from communities such as the First Nations by offering them jobs. This would a great example of how to innovate business solutions, but also help communities with an initiative that can make a change within Canada.

KleanCase is the world's first patent pending 3-in-1 pillowcase that helps decrease bacterial accumulation. As a student, I want to help change the communities of Canada by creating a business process that has a humanitarian cause. By the successful completion of this initiative, we can inspire other students within colleges to think of similar solutions and ideas.

I would like to hire 6 individuals from the communities that would be employed by creating products from leveraging their skillsets from similar unemployed communities.


As a student I know I can inspire others by creating innovative solutions by not only inventing but also creating business processes that can uplift a community alongside. By helping communities that are stricken with unemployment in Canada, we can change the circumstances by simply motivating other students to make that change. With the help of this initiative, we can be one step closer to pioneering the students from our colleges to inspire and communicate solutions to complex societal challenges. No matter what your studying, how old you are, we all can innovate and make the change we all aspire to create. Whether that is a business process, or simply analyzing and fixing by impact, I want to start that change by motivation and inspiration.

Objective: To create a business process that helps resolve a social issue from a modern entrepreneur.

Success Criteria:

The start of this initiative will require creating the program of how many individuals to employ.

Program Design: 2-Weeks

Program Out Reach and Partnership With Community: 1-Month

The start of the production of the product and social media campaign of the type of program: 2-month process.