Universal Multiple Deck Trailer


My Innovative idea is a Universal Trailer Frame with Multiple Decks. This trailer design gives the user the options and benefits of owning multiple trailers by utilizing only one frame. The concept is, by using a sub-frame above the main support frame which the tires and axles are mounted, we can dump and or tilt, attach and detach all trailer decks associated with this design. The main hydraulic cylinder is located under the sub-frame and lifts/lowers the deck that is attached. Four smaller cylinders push pins through the sub-frame and the frame on the bottom of the deck that interlocks with it. Once the pins are in place the deck is secure to the frame. This design has many of the same benefits as the quick attach system on most agricultural and construction equipment. Many types of decks can be used with this frame such as: Livestock decks, Cargo/ Enclosed decks, Log decks, Dump decks for gravel, stone, sod etc., Flatbed decks and many more. To change decks just lower the drop legs at the rear of the deck, use the control to move the cylinder pins back from their locked position, tilt the deck up 5 to 6 inches and then extend and lower the drop legs at the front of the trailer and finally lower the sub-frame back down so the deck stands freely. Once these steps are accomplished the user can attach to any other deck they wish to use.


By using this idea we can save the buyers the expensive cost of owning many different trailers. This idea greatly reduces the use of grease, lubricants, hydraulic fluids and other materials associated with trailers. Because we only use one frame we save on driveline supplies like tires, bearings and steel used to make frames and axels. This idea will mean less cost to the buyers because the buyers only need to purchase one license and one insurance payment, as well as the money saved from not purchasing many different trailers. We believe we can cut consumer costs by 50%. With this idea we will lower fumes from welding and use less paint because we will only be using 2/3 the amount steel or less.

Success Criteria:

My goal is to see this idea go to market within 2 years. My overall goal is to get this idea to buyers in North American as well as other countries. This idea brings many benefits and I believe that everyone should have access to them.