Venture Media


My goal for this project is to start an organization that is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of wild spaces as well as raise awareness for endangered species. The way I plan do this is through story telling via documentary style short films.


This idea will not only benefit the wild spaces and endangered species that this organization is directly geared toward protecting, but will also benefit each viewer of my short films. Viewers will become educated in the ways that they can help. I hope to inspire these viewers to take action.

Success Criteria:

If I am lucky enough to be chosen for this award, I plan to start video production early in the month of May 2018. I hope to have the first video completed and uploaded to a viewing platform within four - six months of the start date. Although the videos themselves are a massive part of this project I will also focus on building and marketing this idea to make sure it is viewed by as large of an audience as possible.