Vision on Wheels (V.O.N)


Vision on Wheels is an innovative idea that targets clients with disabilities and special needs bringing the eye doctor to them! V.O.N plans to hire a team of Optician's and Optometrist to bring vision care to those patients who have a hard time due to illness, old age, and disabilities the chance to see to. A catalogue of frames will be presented to them so they can also select frames that would best suit them cosmetically and according to their health needs.


It will increase the amount of visual acuity problems faced by individuals who can not make it into their eye doctor. V.O.N realizes that due to disabilities and special needs certain individual will not attend their local optometrist due to the difficulty of the journey. It allows easy asses, it is an exam and frame selection right in the comfort of your home!

Success Criteria:

Measurment of success is very high as their are many nursing homes or privately own retirement homes that need this service but it is not offered in a lot of places. This is something that is a need but only a very few companies offer this service. Which makes it easier to be set aside from the competition.