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William G. Davis Innovation Fund

We are pleased to announce the winners of The William G. Davis Innovation Fund, created to support innovative thinking and initiatives from aspiring visionaries, artists, humanitarians or entrepreneurs who want to leverage their college education to start something amazing.

The fund was part of the Ontario college’s 50th anniversary celebration and named to honour the legacy of the man who as minister of education and premier played a vital role in creating and shaping post-secondary education in Ontario.

Judging took place in two rounds. First, a panel of judges from the college system reviewed 83 high-quality submissions and worked diligently to choose ten extraordinary finalists.

Then a panel of third-party judges from government, industry and the college system had the difficult task of determining the final two winners. This final panel included:

Thank you to all of the judges for your time and insights.

DSW Co-operative

1st Place DSW Co-operative Algonquin College

Our first-place award of $15,000 goes to DSW Cooperative from Algonquin College.

DSW Cooperative’s thoughtful and unique submission aims to transform the model of care for community members living with disabilities, and for the developmental service workers who care for them.

The parents and guardians of people who need care often struggle to find a developmental service worker with the specific skills to provide help.

Meanwhile, many developmental services workers are independent contractors. They have no efficient way to find the clients who are out there and no formal support group for professional development or networking.

DSW Cooperative is about to change that by using the internet to match patients and workers in a way that facilitates long-term connections.

It will allow primary caregivers and their patients to find much-needed secondary support. As well, developmental service workers will have easy access to a peer group for information sharing and backup when they need time off.

It is a truly innovative idea that will make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

Congratulations to Lisa Murray, Elisabeth Van Kooy, Claire Maxwell and Dawn Tait, graduates of Algonquin’s developmental services worker program.

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Future Friendly Food - Ripple Farm

2nd Place Ripple Farms Seneca College

Our $5,000 second-place award goes to Ripple Farms for their exceptional proposal from Seneca College.

Their innovative and imaginative submission may someday revolutionize farming.

Their pilot project combines a fish farm on the first level and an aquaponics growing bed on the second floor in a closed system with almost no waste.

Their two-storey growing unit is the size of a small trailer. It allows them to grow plants using recirculated water that has been fertilized by the fish.

Congratulations to Steven Bourne, Brandon Hebor and Sam Chow, graduates of Seneca College’s green business management program.

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