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William G. Davis Innovation Fund

As minister of education from 1962 to 1971, the Hon. William G. Davis was a visionary who played a vital role in creating Ontario’s college system. To honour his legacy and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ontario’s colleges, we are proud to announce the new William G. Davis Innovation Fund.

This fund supports innovative thinking and initiatives from aspiring visionaries, artists, humanitarians or entrepreneurs who want to leverage their college education to start something amazing.

The top 10 proposals have now been selected and are presented below for voting by the public. You may vote for as many proposals as you wish, but only once per proposal. The voting results will be part of the criteria used by a panel of judges selected by Colleges Ontario to determine the final winners. Complete judging criteria are available in the official Rules and Regulations document.

The first-place winner will receive $15,000 to help fund the initiative. The person who finishes second will receive $5,000.

Contest Timeline (2017)

  • June 1 – July 31
    Preliminary online voting round.
  • September 1
    Finalists announced.
  • September 5 – November 5
    Final voting online and at our campus tour.
  • November 26
    Winners announced.

Top 10 Finalists

A novel design of an intelligent sensor based stick for blind and deaf- “Eyes for Blind & Ears for Deaf”

Idea by: gaurav sareen
School Attended: Lambton College

Among all the disabilities, blindness & deafness are the most common disabilities across the world. An integral stick has successfully been developed which will help visually impaired and deaf people.
Stick will detect any kind of...

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Mohawk 3D Printing Group – Medical Phantom Project

Idea by: Lauren Craig Stephen
School Attended: Mohawk College

Our ambitious goal is to design a 3D printer capable of producing viable medical phantoms, that is, artificial body parts or models that can be used for medical testing.

Medical phantoms are used to practice complex surgical...

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DSW Cooperative

Idea by: Lisa Murray
School Attended: Algonquin College

We are a group of five Developmental Services Worker professionals who are joining forces to build a worker-owned cooperative that provides high-quality, person-directed support to community members who have developmental disabilities. Every...

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User to user adjustable grab bar

Idea by: Brett C Lyons
School Attended: Loyalist College

Our adjustable grab bar will allow the user to adjust the height of the grip surface to meet their specific needs. The easy to use hand crank requires limited strength and dexterity as our main target market are the physically challenged.

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Idea by: Shauna-Kay Jones
School Attended: Sheridan College

Motify, which stands for Motivate and Simplify, is a virtual assistant intended to help individuals on the Autism Spectrum throughout their life. Motify is a modular application that changes and adapts as users learn and grow. Each module is...

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Helpr Community

Idea by: Elicia Durtnall
School Attended: Humber College

Helpr community creates a streamlined volunteering experience that benefits both the student and the surrounding community. Helprs cross channel platform will improve schools efficiency and the students outlook on community prosperity.
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The Shop Broom

Idea by: James Richard Rocks
School Attended: Canadore College

My idea is a standard looking work shop push broom with re engineered bristles. With a standard broom you will often find that things like hairs or metal shaving get stuck in the taller bristles. My design eliminates that by using 5 banks of...

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Future Friendly Food

Idea by: Steven Bourne
School Attended: Seneca College

Farms of the Future - Ripple Farms brings the Farm to the city, using aquaponics tethered to vertical growing technology to increase capacity of highly nutritious produce and fish in a fraction of the space. The Ripple Systems are semi-portable,...

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Universal Multiple Deck Trailer

Idea by: Branden Robert Liedtke
School Attended: Canadore College

My Innovative idea is a Universal Trailer Frame with Multiple Decks. This trailer design gives the user the options and benefits of owning multiple trailers by utilizing only one frame. The concept is, by using a sub-frame above the main support...

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Kawartha Adventure Agency: You Adventure. We Film.

Idea by: Zoey Ross
School Attended: Conestoga College

In the Acropolis, on the streets of Venice, or beside Niagara Falls – everywhere you go someone is trying to capture the experience for themselves or their family. Now you can leave it us.
We want to give the moment of wonder back to...

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