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William G. Davis Innovation Fund

As minister of education from 1962 to 1971, the Hon. William G. Davis was a visionary who played a vital role in creating Ontario’s college system. To honour his legacy and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ontario’s colleges, we are proud to announce the new William G. Davis Innovation Fund.

This fund supports innovative thinking and initiatives from aspiring visionaries, artists, humanitarians or entrepreneurs who want to leverage their college education to start something amazing.

If you are a graduate or full-time current student of one of Ontario’s 24 colleges with an idea that you feel might transform your community or beyond, we encourage you to apply to the William G. Davis Innovation Fund. Applications can be made in the categories of Entrepreneurialism, Health and Welfare, Arts and Culture or Community Benefit.

Shortlisted applications will be shared online, promoted on social media and voted on by the public. The voting results will be part of the criteria used by a panel of judges selected by Colleges Ontario to determine the final winners.

The first-place winner will receive $15,000 to help fund the initiative. The person who finishes second will receive $5,000.

Contest Timeline (2017)

  • March 1
    Online registration begins.
  • March 1 – May 30
    Submissions accepted.
  • June 1 – July 31
    Preliminary online voting round.
  • August 15
    Finalists announced.
  • August 16 – November 5
    Final voting online and at our campus tour.
  • November 10
    Winners announced.

Please click here to download the full rules, regulations and timeline details.

Please click here to see more applications.


Idea by: Danielle Sawinsky
School Attended: Humber College

With busy lives, sometimes pet owners also feel like they are on a leash. On a leash is a software application that allows pet owners to request a dog walker on a whim, via the ON A LEASH APP. The platform connects pet owners with local people who...

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Crisis/Shelter/Food support open hrs 1 in every town

Idea by: Chelsea Cuzner
School Attended: St. Clair College

I think we should have at least one emergency Shelter/community center in every town. 24 hour open to persons or families in crisis. This would create many jobs. Starting in Wallaceburg, Dresden, Tillbury, Chatham-Kent areas. Start with healing the...

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Oko Social

Idea by: Andriy Strebkov
School Attended: Conestoga College

Oko is a mobile app which allows our users to find interesting people in their communities and meet with them very quickly by planning an event together. Our app eliminates the fear of meeting new people first time, returns the feeling of community...

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Biometric and diabetic screening assessments

Idea by: Kari Oravkin
School Attended: Niagara College

Create an organization that will educate individuals about their full health status including risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity. In addition, also teach individuals different ways they can promote wellness in their own lives and to take...

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Idea by: Merissa Reed
School Attended: Algonquin College

My idea is to start a series of workshops geared towards cooking inexpensive, healthy and filling meals based off of commonly donated or inexpensive ingredients. I believe that food security is important and it is increasingly more common that...

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My St. Catharines

Idea by: Kevin Unger
School Attended: Niagara College

This project is all about community building, and subsequently seeing the city of St. Catharines thrive through growth in the local economy. This project is meant to showcase the city as it is and as it aims to be: an entirely inclusive community of...

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Idea by: Ziyi Zhao
School Attended: George Brown College

Are you a student,is this your first time in school? Alone? And don't know where is the classroom, when you already 10 mins late?
Are you a parent, trying so hard to find out the best environment for your children?
Are you a...

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UNEMPLOYED to EMPLOYED | Impacting Communities With Businesses

Idea by: Kushi Kaur
School Attended: Humber College

When I invented KleanCase my aim was to manufacture within Canada and help uplift communities stricken with unemployment. As a student, I know firsthand how hard it is to find a job. My hope is to help leverage skills such as sewing from communities...

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Helpr Community

Idea by: Elicia Durtnall
School Attended: Humber College

Helpr community creates a streamlined volunteering experience that benefits both the student and the surrounding community. Helprs cross channel platform will improve schools efficiency and the students outlook on community prosperity.
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Encadrement des enfants samedi, dimanche et jours fériés (donner un répit aux parents)

School Attended: La Cité

Le but premier de ce service de garde d’enfants est de promouvoir le développement harmonieux et global (physique-cognitif et socio-affectives) de l’enfant.
Offrir des activités parascolaires en français pour les enfants de 5 à 12...

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Manitoulin Hemp Company

Idea by: David T. Callejas
School Attended: Cambrian College

Hello everyone, my name is David Callejas. I am a Canadian from Sudbury, Ontario. I am a graduate of both Chemical Engineering and Electrical Engineering from Sudbury Ontario's, Cambrian College. I own a large section of farm land on...

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Idea by: Sazzad Mahmud
School Attended: Fleming College

Gradbuddy will utilize technology and algorithms to help students plan their graduation better and to reduce dropout rates. We provide advises and reminders in student’s personal devices as push notifications. Our target is to minimize research...

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Mohawk #1 Education and #1 in Caring for Our Community

Idea by: Sarah Muirhead
School Attended: Mohawk College

I'd like to use $15,000.00 to fund a clean up project for the Hamilton region. I want to PAY strictly STUDENTS from Mohawk to clean our community. It provides students with income and money for tuition and basic necessities and improves our...

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